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Re: sys_siglist compatibility.

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: sys_siglist compatibility.
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 00:25:01 -0400 (EDT)


> Here are some observations:
> 1. sys_siglist[], referenced in imap4d/signal.c might not be defined on
> some systems.

This was not suppose to be here but leftover from a debuging session.  But now
that you propose a patch .. ok.  Since it is practicle to have a
human readable message then the cryptic "Exiting on signal 3".

Applied the propose patches with modif to use strsignal() and rename your
signame.c to strsignal.c for platforms missing it.

The rationale is that strsignal () provides better/some error checking to
not over/underflow the sys_siglist [] array.

> 2. strtok_r.c contains an inconsistency in return statement.

I do not know how you do it.  You seem to have a way to find
those obscure bugs ... amazing.

> The following fixes the situation:
> ChangeLog:
>       * configure.in, imap4d/signal.c, pop3d/signal.c:
>         sys_siglist is not defined on some systems (namely, Solaris).

Done with modifs, use strsignal().

>       * lib/signame.c: (added) Provide mu_signame() function to convert
>           signal number to string representation.

Ok, rename to strsignal.c.

>       * lib/strtok_r.c: bugfix


> Patch:

Done.  Thanks.


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