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Re: cmu-sieve: starting to work, patch about paths.

From: Sam Roberts
Subject: Re: cmu-sieve: starting to work, patch about paths.
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 20:43:02 -0400
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> Sept Iles? I did not know you could talk french 8-)

Je veux apprendre le langue du ma cherie!

> Yes things are moving along but slowly 8-)
> I'm taking to account the email exchanges(feedback from you/Sergey/Dave)
> to revise mailutils/mailbox/*.  It is not a complete rewrite,
> the rationale is: if many did not understand then it is a sign that it
> was not right and I should rather spend time rewriting the code to be
> clearrer instead of explaining it to make it clearrer 8-).

Ok. I actually read through the auth_t and ticket_t stuff. It seemed
fine. The only thing I didn't like it that it looked like I'd
have to make my own ticket, and then do a strcmp() on the prompt
string to see if it was the password or user name I was supposed to
return. That would have sucked! You're code snippet showed me that
i could use a variable inside the state structure to do this, 
that's good enough for me, I have some more comments, but I just wanted
to say that I didn't think the auth stuff was unreadable, I just
didn't see how I could use it to provide a user/passwd without
an ugly hack.


Sam Roberts <address@hidden> (Vivez sans temps mort!)

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