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Re: Big Problem with Winodows Me

From: J. Henning Schwentner
Subject: Re: Big Problem with Winodows Me
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 16:01:12 +0100

Dear Andrew,

> > After recreating the first situation I took a closer look to the
> > table ME fdisk created: linux fdisk showed me that the (placeholder chs)
> > last cylinder was 0xfa (dec=250), but I think 1023 would be right? The
> > placeholders are like the geometry: H: 254 S: 63.
> Could you try creating partitions of different sizes?  Perhaps 0xfa
> should have the same meaning as 1023 (too big for CHS).

I  tried other sizes and ME fdisk wrote other ECyl values. There must be
some strange M$ Algorithm that produces the Cyl vals.

I think the right way if LBA > 1024 Cyl is to ignore CHS-Cyl values (which
is, I guess, exactly what linux fdisk does).


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