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Re: [ext2resize] Ext2resize for big-endian (Ultrasparc)

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: [ext2resize] Ext2resize for big-endian (Ultrasparc)
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 17:51:41 +1000

Dave Wapstra wrote:
> I downloaded the latest source (1.4.10) but it doesn't seem to recognize
> my partitions, even on a normal scsi drive (no LVM). See the difference
> between the parted output and good old fdisk. Am I missing something?

Yes, this is subtle.
> Disk label type: loop

See this ^

Parted is detecting a raw file system (hence loopback), because it detected
a file system with signatures in the appropriate place.  So, it's like
running "parted /dev/sda3", or whatever.

The thing is, parted always looks for "real" partition tables first.   For
some reason, it hasn't detected your Sun partition table.  The Sun support
is quite new (a month or so), so perhaps you have a strange table.

Could you please send it to me?

        # dd if=/dev/sda of=sun-parttable bs=512 count=4
        # gzip sun-parttable

Andrew Clausen

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