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Re: Possible to copy and resize at the same time?

From: sandy pond
Subject: Re: Possible to copy and resize at the same time?
Date: 25 Mar 2001 08:45:15 -0800

Hi David,

Only works for FAT filesystems though (I assumed FAT
because you mentioned Norton Ghost).  See Andrew
Clausen's post concerning ext2.  This is documented.

I use parted to backup partitions all the time (even on
computers without Linux installed by using the boot
disk).  Saves a lot of trouble if someone hoses a
partition.  You can even backup the partition on the
same disk and then hide the partition from users.


> Hello Keith,
> Wow.. this is NOT conveyed in the docs!  You should
> really get that updated.
> Anyway, is there a way to do this from a command
> line (not interactive)?  What I need to do
> is do this command once a night as a offline
> backup from a 10GB disks to a 9GB disk.
> --David
>  >This is exactly how it works!
>  >
>  >see http://www.gnu.org/software/parted/USER
>  >
>  >make new partition (big enough to hold the files on original);
>  >
>  >(parted) select DEVICE
>  >(parted) print
>  >(parted) mkpart PART-TYPE [FS-TYPE] START END
>  >
>  >copy original partition to new partition.
>  >
>  >
>  >copies and resizes at once.
>  >
>  >Keith

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