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Re: Possible to copy and resize at the same time?

From: sandy pond
Subject: Re: Possible to copy and resize at the same time?
Date: 25 Mar 2001 17:56:24 -0800

> > So if the master 10GB disk failed, I could put
> > the 9gb in its place, reboot, and LILO will boot, etc.
> > I'm not positive it would work though since the
> > disks would have different geometry.  Worth
> > a try though.
> You need to reinstall lilo for it to work, since the physical location
> of /boot/* might change.  Use "chroot [root-mount-point] /sbin/lilo"

I thought I might point out that this won't work either.
Lilo will update the /dev/hda MBR which is not the drive
he wants to boot from.  It's probably easier to keep a
boot floppy around and then after swapping drives boot
from the floppy, mount the boot partition, and run the
command you gave above.

BTW I'm not inclined to be religious about computers, just
ignorant about religious wars.



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