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Re: Possible to copy and resize at the same time?

From: David Ranch
Subject: Re: Possible to copy and resize at the same time?
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 14:56:04 -0800

>This might be faster;
>(cd DIR; find . -depth -mount -print | cpio -pdlmu DEST)

Why would this be preferred or faster than:

tar cPf - / /bin /usr /var <blah> | (cd /mnt/mnt; tar xvPf -)

Is this just a religious thing like vi vs. emacs?

>>          mkswap (create swap)
>Why mkswap?  Purpose?

I was thinking with the mke2fs and mkswap; all files
would be always fresh compared to overwriting the
old files from master to backup.  With my original way,
there would never be legacy files left over.  With the
tar/cpio way, any files that were deleted off the orig.
disk would still remain on the backup disk.  I would
prefer NOT to have that happen.  I suppose I could add
a "rm -Rf /mnt/mnt" before the tar/cpio but that's even
more time.

Currently, I can dd from a 9gb to another 9gb in

>>          dd boot (make the new disk bootable)
>Probably won't work.  Purpose?

So if the master 10GB disk failed, I could put
the 9gb in its place, reboot, and LILO will boot, etc.
I'm not positive it would work though since the
disks would have different geometry.  Worth
a try though.

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