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Re: address@hidden: Bug#109613: Size column in partition list]

From: Damien Genet
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Bug#109613: Size column in partition list]
Date: 10 Sep 2001 14:18:32 +0200


le lun 10-09-2001 at 02:19 Andrew Clausen a érit :
> Anyway, I don't really care.  Up to The Users TM to decide!  Send in
> your votes!
> (a) length only
> (b) length and % used  (might spill some lines, with, say, "lba,
> remember we have translations to worry about...)
> (c) % used only
> (d) MB used only
> (e) something else?

maybe size + end is rendundant, imho size is more "speaking" :
as you can see the end, just looking for the start of the next partition
(or the next freespace)
also showing too much (and redundant) informations will just lost the
user, i think.

also, what do you meen by "% used" : percentage of space used on the
filesystem or percentage of the disk used by this partition ?

> BTW, in pt_BR, Eliphas (oi!) translated "Filesystem" as "Sistema de
> Arquivos", which is a bit long (System of files).  Would "Sistema"
> suffice?  Or "Sistema/Arqs"?
> fr has "Système de fichier plein!"

but this is the translation for "full filesystem!"
filesystem is just "système de fichiers".



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