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Partition codes

From: Henrik Treadup
Subject: Partition codes
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 02:36:12 +0200


I would like to a scripted partitioning of my harddrive (The first step in 
doing a scripted install of Gentoo :D  ) I've decided to go with parted since 
the project is very much alive and there are some nice things like SWIG 
integration on the horizon. Nice work :)

I've come up with the following script to do the partitioning:

#start script
DEVICE= /dev/hda

# Create new msdos disklabel/partition table
parted --script mklabel msdos

#Create boot sector
parted $DEVICE --script mkpart primary ext2 0 100

# Create swap partition
parted $DEVICE --script mkpart primary linux-swap 100 512

# Create the root partition
parted $DEVICE --script -- mkpart primary ext2 612 -0

#end script

which looks about right. I haven't tried this yet.  Probably lots of bash 
errors.  Thats what you get when writing stuff really late. I'm rambling, 

Anyway I'm running into the following gedanken problem :( How can I set a 
partitions partition code?

The only thing I can find in the documentation is "mkpart part-type ..." where 
part-type is one of the following:

ext2, fat32, fat16, HFS, linux-swap, NTFS, reiserfs, ufs

What if I want to create any of the following partitions: ext3, xfs, Compaq 
Diagnostic Partition (partition code 0x12)? Or any other weird partition 
type? Is there a way to directly set a partitions partition code?

Are the partition codes for all linux fs types just set to 85? Can I just do  
"parted $DEVICE --script mkpart primary ext2 0 100" for a xfs partition?

Henrik Treadup address@hidden

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