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Re: libbslparted 5-12-02

From: Christian Meyer
Subject: Re: libbslparted 5-12-02
Date: 06 Dec 2002 12:38:11 +0100

Hi Jordi!

Am Fre, 2002-12-06 um 02.02 schrieb Jordi:

> we can cooperate in this, take a look to :
> http://development.bluesock.net/wes/docs/libbslparted-en.pdf
> Your gtk GUI only needs to generate a XML (gnome's libxml2 rocks)

I've been looking at your src and I'll see if I can *steal* some ideas
from it *g*

> If you like the idea, the code can be downloaded in 
> http://www.development.bluesock.net/en/code.html, if you like it or think 
> it's wothwhile you don't need to add a c++ wrapper, just use this or add the 
> things you think it lacks.

The problem with your code is, that it relies on Qt which I don't like.
That's the reason why I'm not using any toolkit for my wrapper. It
should be toolkit independent. I could use gtkmm, but plain C++ gives me
everything I need :)

> C++ wrapper maybe a little duplication of efforts, i think that cooperating 
> we 
> can go further. It's up to you, our code as the libparted code is GPL.

sure, thx for the offer :)
But the problem stays, your code relies on Qt. I don't want to have any
toolkit dependencies within my wrapper, so that it can be used for other
programs, too.
I've been improved my code yesterday evening, when it's done I'll upload
it again. The current code doesn't work, I was on crack ;))

Christian Meyer
GNOME (Deutschland)
E-Mail: address@hidden (address@hidden)
ICQ:    72107443

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