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Re: libbslparted 5-12-02

From: Jordi
Subject: Re: libbslparted 5-12-02
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 00:11:36 +0000

> I've been looking at your src and I'll see if I can *steal* some ideas
> from it *g*
At least the way i manage parted "exceptions" is a bit tricky, i don't know if 
it's a better way but you can take a look if have any problems.

> The problem with your code is, that it relies on Qt which I don't like.
> That's the reason why I'm not using any toolkit for my wrapper. It
> should be toolkit independent. I could use gtkmm, but plain C++ gives me
> everything I need :)
Yes you are right i don't like it either, qt is too big. I want to make net 
partitioning and using qt for a simple server is just crazy IMHO.
But really the code almost don't need QT, just silly things like using qstring 
instead of the much more error prone char*. 
What really needs qt is the libbslxml that will be changed to use libxml2 
instead of QT anyway. The clases that are really close to libparted don't use 
xml also.

> sure, thx for the offer :)
> But the problem stays, your code relies on Qt. I don't want to have any
> toolkit dependencies within my wrapper, so that it can be used for other
> programs, too.
> I've been improved my code yesterday evening, when it's done I'll upload
> it again. The current code doesn't work, I was on crack ;))

i'm thinking that if your wrapper is good , my code will be changed to use 
yours, instead of using libparted directly,  if you can't beat them join them 

Jordi Polo

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