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Re: [bug-womb] [gnu.org #881181] Re: [gnu.org #881518] Re: Package synop

From: Ineiev via RT
Subject: Re: [bug-womb] [gnu.org #881181] Re: [gnu.org #881518] Re: Package synopses and blurbs translation
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 00:44:25 -0500

On 01/10/2014 03:12 AM, Ludovic Courtès via RT wrote:
 >> (0) when a new (or corrected) translation is committed to www, www
 >> translators send updates to TP, and they merge it to their PO files;
 >> (1) when a new translation is submitted to TP, the translators send
 >> a copy to the respective www.gnu.org translation team (or
 >> address@hidden if that team doesn't maintain blurb
 >> translation for some reason); of course, TP translators should know
 >> what strings are blurbs.
 > Sounds good.
 > What would it take exactly to inform the TP folks of the process?

Discuss with address@hidden, I think; they may add
their own adjustments to the procedure before actually announcing it
to the translators.

 >> However, there is a technical problem: www translations are in HTML,
 >> while guix uses plain text. it's easy to transform plain text to HTML;
 >> the reverse conversion seems missing.
 > Seems to me that the only difference in the translated strings is that
 > the www ones have something like this at the end:
 >   <small>(<a href="/manual/manual.html#pkg_3dldf\">doc</a>)</small>
 > Would it be possible somehow to remote that link from the translatable
 > strings?

But they are translatable; what may make sense is separating them
to their own msgids (also, "This package is looking for a maintainer.").

GNUN has a means to do it when the strings can't come, say, in separate
paragraphs, <span class="gnun-split"></span>, like on the home page [0],
so this could be implemented like in the attachment.

Then, there are also <tt>s (which may "translate" into something
different, like <code> or <em>) and a few other substitutions [1].
I wonder whether it would be easier if guix used HTML in PO files and
converted it to plain text when needed; this way, no exact reverse
conversion would be necessary.

[0] https://www.gnu.org/home.en.html

Index: gm-generate.pl
RCS file: /sources/womb/gnumaint/gm-generate.pl,v
retrieving revision 1.15
diff -U 2 -r1.15 gm-generate.pl
--- gm-generate.pl      5 Nov 2013 14:41:52 -0000       1.15
+++ gm-generate.pl      10 Jan 2014 05:25:43 -0000
@@ -411,9 +411,11 @@
     # let's advertise if the package is looking for a maintainer.  maybe
     # we'll find someone.
-    push (@ret, "This package is looking for a maintainer.")
+    push (@ret, qq!<span class="gnun-split"></span>!
+               . "This package is looking for a maintainer.")
       if $activity =~ /^nomaint/;
     my $doc_links = "/manual/manual.html#$xhtml_id";
-    push (@ret, qq!<small>(<a href="$doc_links">doc</a>)!
+    push (@ret, qq!<span class="gnun-split"></span>!
+              . qq!<small>(<a href="$doc_links">doc</a>)!
               . qq!</small></p>!);

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