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Re: [Chicken-users] Re: Integrating unit tests into source code

From: Brandon J. Van Every
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Re: Integrating unit tests into source code
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 04:33:58 -0800
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Peter Busser wrote:

 Also, I think the legal issues would be complicated.  
No, it is not complicated at all.  The only way it can be complicated, 
is if you're not writing your own new BSD code, but stealing the LGPL 

It can be a problem for those who want the liberties which the BSD licence
provides, but the LGPL doesn't.

Chicken has a natural separation.  Chicken proper is BSD licensed (except for the CMake build stuff, which I put under MIT because I actually want people to say I did it.   Anyways, even less restrictive than BSD.)  The eggs are licensed with whatever the author chooses.  That's how it's going to be with any third party library for any language.  Now admittedly, if contract programming is "rather core" to how someone wishes to program, and we snarf from PLT, then that LGPL egg is going to be in their way.  LGPL is kind of a nuisance when it doesn't feel like a library, but rather a core language capability.  But in practice, if it's really really an issue to someone, they could write a BSD contract egg, using the LGPL egg as a point of departure.  If they really really don't want to do that work, then they'll go find another Scheme.  But they won't go find PLT, because the entireity of PLT is LGPL, not just the library.  Are there any Schemes that offer contract programming under BSD license?  If not, then perhaps the person choose a different language.

Not the same issue.  Here, the issue is proprietary code polluting BSD 
code.  Whereas the FSF is *never* going to sue anyone for modifying LGPL 
code.  That's what they *want* people to do, it's what they *believe* 
in.  They're only gonna sue if you copy LGPL code and don't license it LGPL.

Note that the FSF is not the only LGPL copyright holder on this planet.

They're the only one with teeth.

Ah well.  Technology sucks, and then you die.

It is indeed easier to blame technology than to blame yourself.

Careful, you'll get me started on the sociocultural inscription of technology...

Brandon Van Every

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