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[Chicken-users] jbogenturfa'i: "Error: stack overflow"

From: Alan Post
Subject: [Chicken-users] jbogenturfa'i: "Error: stack overflow"
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 16:39:42 -0700

Now that I've got jbogenturfa'i compiling using top-level forms, I'm
trying to run it for the first time.

To start, I've commented out my grammar file and am just using the
morphology file.  This compiles in a couple minutes I get a 700k .so

Running this, I immediately get the error message:

  $ ./jbogenturfahi

  Error: stack overflow

I don't get much guidance as to what to do with this error message,
but I guessed I needed to adjust my '-stack-size' variable.  Looking
at my ulimit, my stack size is set to 32MB, though I believe I've
asked it to be unlimited.  This could be the max I can get in

  $ ulimit -a
  stack(kbytes)        32768

I've tried adding '-stack-size 32M', '-stack-size 30M', and
'-stack-size 20M', all of which result in the same error message.

May I have some guidance on what is happening here?  Am I on the
right track by adjusting my stack size?  How do I learn how much 
I need?  Is it reasonably to try this on another operating system
on the chance that I need more than 32MB of stack?  What else should
I try?

Thank you!

.i ko djuno fi le do sevzi

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