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Re: [PATCH] Field position attribute handling

From: Dalibor Topic
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Field position attribute handling
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 02:38:48 +0100
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Hi Tom,

Tom Tromey wrote:
"Dalibor" == Dalibor Topic <address@hidden> writes:

Dalibor> -    if (! (obj instanceof FieldPosition))
Dalibor> +    if (this == obj)
Dalibor> +      return true;
Dalibor> +
Dalibor> +    if (obj != null && (obj.getClass() != this.getClass()))
Dalibor>        return false;

I think this should read:

  if (obj == null || obj.getClass() != this.getClass())
    return false;

thanks for the comment. I agree that's more readable. I'll change that in another revision.

I don't think short-circuiting the this==obj case is really worth the
effort.  But I don't really care all that much.

A quick grep for equals in java.util.* collection classes shows that it's being used quite a bit there. for example, in order to find out whether an element is contained in a collection, on needs to find out whether there is an element that is equal to it in the collection. I believe that a short circuit here helps. I could run some tests and provide some numbers, if necessary.

Dalibor> +    hash = 31 * hash + (null == field_attribute ? 0 : 

Does this line need to be wrapped?  I think it goes past column 79.

can't say, I need to teach emacs to count columns, I guess. But I'll wrap it anyway, to go for sure.

dalibor topic

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