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Re: [PATCH] Field position attribute handling

From: Dalibor Topic
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Field position attribute handling
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 20:20:24 +0100
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Tom Tromey wrote:
"Dalibor" == Dalibor Topic <address@hidden> writes:

Dalibor> Done. Please review the next revision, and check in if it's o.k.

Looks ok to me, I checked it in.
Do you not have classpath write access?

Nope, not yet ;) Bryce asked back when I sent in my paperwork if I wanted it, and I didn't, as I had no use for it back then. It wasn't clear whether kaffe would switch to GNU Classpath completely, so I didn't want to risk potentially polluting Classpath with GPLd code from kaffe as I wasn't sure how to do the merge properly.

Now that I know how to merge stuff properly (drop kaffe's implementation for a class, chuck in Classpath's, review, fix, submit a patch to Classpath) I have no such fear anymore, so that's changed a bit.

So if you want to offer me write access again, I'd take it ;)

dalibor topic

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