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RE: clickthrough license

From: C. Brian Jones
Subject: RE: clickthrough license
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 10:48:45 -0400

On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 06:39, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> The JCP also doesn't require the (final) specifications to be provided
> under a click-wrap. As these JSR's show it it perfectly fine to publish
> the specification, reference implementation and test compatability kit
> in the public domain. (Unfortunately, as you point out most JSRs don't
> do this at the moment. Please tell specification leads about the option
> to do everything in the open.)

Getting specs open doesn't appear to be too hard but I've had trouble in
the past getting TCKs open because there is some feeling that in order
to assure compatibility that one prevent inspection of TCK source.  The
theory is this makes it more difficult to "fake" the TCK results which
prove or disprove compatibility.  The practice I've seen is to let
people self-certify.  All of these experiences were from my involvement
in OSS/J.

I don't buy these arguments.  People could "fake" the results with a
binary TCK as well.  People doing implementations have no motive to not
pass the TCK as customers (or users) would then find their code which
worked with the RI suddenly doesn't work on xyz despite claims of
compatibility.  Despite this, business types just don't get it sometimes
and in some cases the geeks aren't running the show behind the JSR.

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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