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RE: clickthrough license

From: David Holmes
Subject: RE: clickthrough license
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:01:28 +1000


> For GNU Classpath we only use publicly available information. Please do
> not refer to proprietary information while working on GNU Classpath.
> If this document is the only way to make a fully compatible
> implementation for the XMLEncode and XMLDecoder then please let me know
> and I run this agreement past FSF legal.
> Best is to find a book in which this specification, or an explanation of
> it, is published. If there is such a book I'll make sure you will get
> it.

I think you will find that all the Java specifications are protected by a
similar license (which basically preserves the namespace usage and requires
complete conformance from an implementation). Even specs that get printed
will have a license included in the book. Only third party books that
describe an API will not have such a license, but nor are they definitive
sources of information on an API specification.

Best get this cleared through FSF legal ASAP.

David Holmes

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