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New volunteer needing task

From: Dimitri Koussa
Subject: New volunteer needing task
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 01:50:22 +1000
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I am new to GNU Classpath and I would like to contribute.
I would appreciate any help with finding an appropriate task.

As part of an individual student project at university, I have chosen to work on GNU Classpath.
(Any comments on whether this is a bad idea?)
I have to hand in a proposal next week detailing what I am going to do.
The project needs to be worthy of around 200 hours of work.

These tasks are from the ClasspathOpenTasks:
  • javax.imageio (javax.imageio.plugins.bmp and javax.imageio.plugins.jpeg)

  • Mauve Tests for javax.imageio

  • Composite Contexts (, createContext())

  • Script for running regression tests

  • Script for running Japitools

  • Script for running gjdoc

Is any one working on any of these?
Would these tasks be too little/much work for 200 hours?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

- Dimitri

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