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Re: ANN: gjdoc 0.7.6 released

From: David Gilbert
Subject: Re: ANN: gjdoc 0.7.6 released
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 21:35:42 +0000
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address@hidden wrote:

Julian Scheid released version 0.7.6 of gjdoc.
gjdoc is the GNU documentation generation framework for
java source files. gjdoc is part of GNU Classpath Tools:

This new version of gjdoc has been used to generate class
documentation for the GNU Classpath CVS source files:
I'm really impressed with 'gjdoc', so thanks to Julian for all his work on it.

One question - what's left to do before a 1.0.0 release? I think it's ready now...


Dave Gilbert

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