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Re: RFC: merging GNU Crypto and Jessie

From: Dalibor Topic
Subject: Re: RFC: merging GNU Crypto and Jessie
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 09:17:44 +0100
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Casey Marshall wrote:
> A few of us have been throwing around the idea of merging GNU Crypto 
> and Jessie into GNU Classpath, so Classpath will have full support  for
> crypto and SSL "out of the box." We've proposed this before, and  I
> think this idea was mostly approved by the group, but no-one ever  got
> around to doing it.
> I'd like to propose again that we do this. I'll try to get to this 
> myself, but if I can't get this done, we'll at least have a plan of 
> action. I propose that we
>   - Rename the root package 'gnu.crypto' to 'gnu.javax.crypto' in  GNU
> Crypto, and merge the current CVS sources into Classpath (not  under
> external/). We then put GNU Crypto into a kind of "stasis"  mode, and
> continue to develop these sources in Classpath.
>   - Rename the root package 'org.metastatic.jessie' to 
> '' in Jessie, and merge the current sources. Then, 
> I'll stop developing that branch on its own.
> We can then also merge other parts of GNU Crypto to projects where  they
> make sense; its testsuite can go into Mauve (it was written to  use (a
> possibly old version of) Mauve's own test harness classes),  and the
> various tools can go into cp-tools.
> I think most Classpath hackers think this is a good idea; I'm sending 
> this mail out to the individual project lists to see if there are any 
> objections from users of either package. To be clear, GNU Crypto  won't
> go away, while Jessie will. GNU Crypto MAY continue to be  developed,
> but not by me (and if history is a precedent, then neither  by anyone
> else).
> If I'm not able to put this patch together, I will answer anyone's 
> questions about how to proceed, if we get a volunteer.

Awesome! I believe fitzsim and me are making simultaneous saltos[1] of
joy at different ends of the planet at the moment. :)

dalibor topic

[1] figuratively speaking.

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