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Re: [GNU Crypto] RFC: merging GNU Crypto and Jessie

From: Raif S. Naffah
Subject: Re: [GNU Crypto] RFC: merging GNU Crypto and Jessie
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 18:57:13 +1100
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On Wednesday 07 December 2005 04:49, Casey Marshall wrote:
> On Dec 6, 2005, at 1:14 AM, Raif S. Naffah wrote:
> > On Tuesday 06 December 2005 18:42, Casey Marshall wrote:
> >> A few of us have been throwing around the idea of merging GNU
> >> Crypto and Jessie into GNU Classpath, so Classpath will have full
> >> support for crypto and SSL "out of the box." We've proposed this
> >> before, and I think this idea was mostly approved by the group,
> >> but no-one ever got around to doing it.
> >>
> >> I'd like to propose again that we do this. I'll try to get to this
> >> myself, but if I can't get this done, we'll at least have a plan
> >> of action. I propose that we
> >>
> >>    - Rename the root package 'gnu.crypto' to 'gnu.javax.crypto' in
> >> GNU Crypto, and merge the current CVS sources into Classpath (not
> >> under external/). We then put GNU Crypto into a kind of "stasis"
> >> mode, and continue to develop these sources in Classpath.
> >>    - Rename the root package 'org.metastatic.jessie' to
> >> '' in Jessie, and merge the current sources.
> >> Then, I'll stop developing that branch on its own.
> >
> > does this mean that Classpath's crypto classes will be using the
> > GNU Crypto "assembly, cipher, hash, key, mac, mode, pad, prng and
> > "sig" sub-packages with the "jce" wrappers?
> Basically yes. The goal is to merge "everything with a JCE wrapper,"
> because that will fill in many algorithms present in proprietary VMs,
> but currently missing in Classpath.

cool.  i can help with this task  --can spend ~2hrs/day on this until 
it's done.

> Things without JCE wrappers don't really make sense for Classpath,
> because they aren't portably accessible.

dont know exactly what you mean by this but i'll have a closer look at 
the Classpath classes; it may become evident then.

> Thanks.


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