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[Classpathx-javamail] first web page checkin

From: Ben Speakmon
Subject: [Classpathx-javamail] first web page checkin
Date: 16 Jun 2001 01:08:11 -0400

At long last I've whipped up a web page for JavaMail. You can find it in
HTML CVS at software/classpathx/javamail.html. Please take a look-see
and let me know about changes/improvements/etc.

I'm thinking that the developers working on each service provider should
maintain the page(s) for that provider. We can link them from
javamail.html and they can get real nice and technical if that suits
their purpose. That way we won't scare casual users. :)

I'll be looking at the SMTP code this weekend to figure out a plan of
action. Let me know if there's anything that anyone feels I should know.


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