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scheme shamble, was custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: scheme shamble, was custom keymap
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 06:40:27 -0400

Hi again,
I really like the idea of using scheme to make hard coded keybindings. But either through my lack of experience or maybe technical issues I am getting nowhere quickly.
The first problem I have is the interface to scheme using input to pc keyboard is cumbersome and annoying.
Second I managed to get it to freeze up where the scheme window would not accept any input from my keyboard.
third I don't see instructions on how to build a scheme script from start to finish.
fourth I see that I am able to put some menu items in the scheme window and others not. Note entry I guess is only in input>pc keyboard menu. This is most confusing.
When I create a new script called "HardcodeE" I see an option to create a button, then a palette, but no option to add it to a menu. Also how do I open it in the command center so I can assign a shortcut to it that way?
I think I need a way in each script to have it do the required action and to assign the shortcut to it, but I would need either examples from existing commands or a step by step help file.
Also I made custom note value keybinding which I initialized by pressing "rr" I would also like to add the note name keybindings to that same "mode"

Sorry for being so annoying, but I don't have a midi keyboard and I find using the virtual keyboard awkward for me.

I really appreciate
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