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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Qt and QWT

From: Bob McGwier
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Qt and QWT
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 12:34:23 -0500
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Patrick Strasser wrote:

I've seen some messages reagrding Qt and GNU Radio, and some code in the repository. I'd like to use Qt and QWT. QWT simply looks great and very useful, and I hope to get better performance with Qt compared to Wx.

AFICS the graphical sinks need some way to get the data from a block. Other parts like buttons, check boxes, boxes, labels etc. do not need to interact with GNU Radio flowgraph data (only things like set parameters, reconnect, all kind of 'meta'-manipulation). So I assume one (simply ;-) ) needs to write the glue code for the sinks to get real use of Qt.

I guess I'm not the first one thinking about Qt, but I could not find any rationals for or against. Any ideas, pitfalls/caveats, experiences?

I am really having a problem right now getting Qt 4.3.X to successfully compile Qwt under F8 x86_64. I agree with your assessment that it is efficacious for us. I just do not have all the time I would like to work through this for some time to come. The first task I set for myself was to take the new hier block 2 version now that it has stablizied and to use the FM stereo receiver as my first example. I was going to use the Qwt radio example to build this radio. I also wanted to add the nascent RDS code to it so we could get that going as well. I am uninterested in using Qt 3 for all sorts of reasons. After this example I was going to take what I did and apply it to building a serious signal processing tool using GnuRadio and tools we are adding to GnuRadio at work in a package that would eventually "sweep" SkySweep capabilities into GnuRadio. I think as a group, we can exceed the capabilities of SkySweep and make all of this capability available in an open source version using GnuRadio as a truly killer app. The timing of this was pushed on me (FINALLY) by work beginning on multithreading or use of serious concurrency so as to take full advantage of the parallelism available on almost everyone's desktop these days.

What I need is ten more hours in each day. My peer on this and I are just buried up to our necks at work and I would really love it if you took this forward and made a start.


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