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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Split-function implementation of 802.11g OFDM PHY

From: Nemanja Trecakov
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Split-function implementation of 802.11g OFDM PHY and MAC on USRP2
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 20:57:04 +0100

Hi list,

now I got a Linux copy of Xilinx 12.4 and I tried to build the UHD fpga image on ubuntu 10.04. with uhd version: UHD_003.001.002-ba0e3c8
I added the .bashrc to include xtclsh like this:

#Include Xilix xtclsh in te path in order to be able to build FPGA images!
export PATH=${XILINX_ROOT}/ISE/bin/lin:${PATH}
export PATH=${XILINX_ROOT}/ISE/bin/lin/unwrapped:${PATH} 

In addition, I added .bashrc to show towards the license file on our university server, for which I use VPN to connect with:

#Show the bash where to find the Xilinx license file

I checked the variables by using the 'printenv' and both of these were included. However, I get the following error:
address@hidden:~/bin/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/USRP2$ sudo make proj
/bin/sh: xtclsh: not found
/bin/sh: xtclsh: not found
xtclsh /home/nemanja/bin/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/tcl/ise_helper.tcl ""
/bin/sh: xtclsh: not found
make: *** [/home/nemanja/bin/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/USRP2/build/u2_rev3.xise] Error 127

How is it possible that xtclsh is not found?

Thank you in advance for your reply!


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