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fw: Novice?-Best UBUNTU version-Best GNUradio versio

From: geraldfenkell
Subject: fw: Novice?-Best UBUNTU version-Best GNUradio versio
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 17:18:45 -0700

1. I am a novice at installing gnu radio who has failed several times before.
2. What is the best version of UBUNTU to use? ( I think I know how to install either Ubuntu-20.04 or 20.10)
3. What is the best version of GNU radio (easiest to install from terminal of Ubuntu without compiling)
4. Precisely and exactly (please, with all due respect) what lines do I or should I key into the Ubuntu terminal.
I thank you in advance both for your patience and for your help.  I now want to succeed so that I can follow
the examples in Qasim Chaudhari's book and video course (book is Window Communications from the Ground Up
and videos which are part of the course use GNU radio.  
I have already in the past (not this year but the two previous years) attended the annual conference but although
I understand the mathematics involved in sdr radio to a certain degree and the concepts involved I have
been consistent in only one thing, my inability to get a working version of gnu radio installed on a machine.
In the future but not part of this request I would like to use various radios that I have  (eg. Adalm pluto, HackOneRF, etc.
but first I just want to get a working version running without any further considerations.
Gerald (Jerry)

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