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Re: fw: Novice?-Best UBUNTU version-Best GNUradio versio

From: Nicholas Long
Subject: Re: fw: Novice?-Best UBUNTU version-Best GNUradio versio
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 19:02:29 -0600

So I think any fairly recent version of ubuntu is fine, I am using 18.04 but that is mainly because I don't want to deal with upgrading.
 If you don't care much about version 3.7 vs 3.8

 sudo apt-get install gnuradio 

Will get you something.

it sounds like you want the ppa versioning though:


Under ubuntu ppa installation.

Finally, I would say if your doing any oot block development to just build from source. It's really not that bad, and allows you to compile in debug mode so that you can step through the the code. Also even now often the best documentation is looking at the source code.

Overall as someone who went through the build process 6 years ago, 2.5 years ago and just recently. The documentation/process has gotten much better (or maybe I have learned more). So give it another try.


On Fri, Dec 11, 2020, 18:38 geraldfenkell <geraldfenkell@computechnics.ca> wrote:

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Subject: Novice?-Best UBUNTU version-Best GNUradio versio
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 14:42:32 -0700
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1. I am a novice at installing gnu radio who has failed several times before.
2. What is the best version of UBUNTU to use? ( I think I know how to install either Ubuntu-20.04 or 20.10)
3. What is the best version of GNU radio (easiest to install from terminal of Ubuntu without compiling)
4. Precisely and exactly (please, with all due respect) what lines do I or should I key into the Ubuntu terminal.
I thank you in advance both for your patience and for your help.  I now want to succeed so that I can follow
the examples in Qasim Chaudhari's book and video course (book is Window Communications from the Ground Up
and videos which are part of the course use GNU radio.  
I have already in the past (not this year but the two previous years) attended the annual conference but although
I understand the mathematics involved in sdr radio to a certain degree and the concepts involved I have
been consistent in only one thing, my inability to get a working version of gnu radio installed on a machine.
In the future but not part of this request I would like to use various radios that I have  (eg. Adalm pluto, HackOneRF, etc.
but first I just want to get a working version running without any further considerations.
Gerald (Jerry)

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