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Re: Some thoughts about GS

From: Georg Fleischmann
Subject: Re: Some thoughts about GS
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 18:43:44 +0100


In my opinion GNUstep should stay clearly on it's way !

GNUstep is close to a stable release, where it would make sense to include it  
on a Linux distribution. WindowMaker is on most Linux distributions and so will 

However I agree that the GNUstep project is in a crisis. I think it is the  
usual crisis of a huge project when it is about to be finished. I guess, that's 
the time where most projects die :-(
It just seems like the guy who drags himself through the desert starving for  
water. At the moment he catch sight of the water, he dies!

With Apple, I'm not convinced that they are doing a good job by adopting and  
giving up foreign ideas faster than anybody can develop applications. They are  
following every tide of the market, and their PR has a hard job to calm down  
the developers and share holders.

In the longterm it is most often the best strategy to stay to ones own ideals,  
even if this is a hard and unpopular way.
Just think of Linus Torwald, who started developing a Unix from scratch, at  
times where all minds were set to Microsoft. Now, many thousands are developing 
for his OS.

2001 can be the year of GNUstep :-)

Just my opinions.


Georg Fleischmann, http://www.vhf.de

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