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Re: Idea

From: Vinodh D Rajan
Subject: Re: Idea
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 13:20:53 +0000
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Well, I just signed on to the mailing list yesterday, and it was pretty much let me take a shot @ GNUstep, Maybe I might be able to help out those guys. Getting the source was a major problem with many ftp drops and I could manage to get only the core. There seems to be no decent stuff in there to test the gui.

I personally got fed up with gtk+/gnome (its slow/bloat), qt/kde (licensing / bloat) and wanted a back to basics , cool light, fast gui toolkit. So I thought I shall give it a shot. Yes I would like to see more apps, particularly a superb lightweight
email client and web browser and ofcourse terminal.

And maybe we should study the UIs of MAC more closely and probably see how window maker can be improved to make usage more easier without sacrificing its power and felxibility. Maybe instead of those small icons down in the screen a small menu on top say about 20 pixels or so can do?. This will also give access to root menu which right now takes some working if you have a maximized window, either switch desktop or minimize all max windows. And a maximize button
will go a long way.

Can I take a shot at implementing max buttons in wm. If I do it, it will take some time since I have to understand the source
code and only then proceed.



Jason H Clouse wrote:

I think that's a good idea.  If we have more frequent releases, it makes
the project look more busy.  If people look and see that the last release
was 6 months ago, they aren't going to think much is going on (when there
really is quite a bit of work being done).

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