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AppIcon patch revisited

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: AppIcon patch revisited
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 06:02:39 +0000

I think I've finally got the appicon/miniwindow code sorted out neatly,
made to operate only when Window Maker is in use, and controllable by -
'defaults write NSGlobalDomain UseWindowMakerIcons NO'

What we get from this is -

1. placement of appicon/miniwindows under Window Maker control, so they don't 
overlap existing tiles on the screen
2. the ability to place a GNUstep app in the Window maker dock.

What we lose from this is -

The ability to move the appicon/miniwindow under program control
The ability to handle drag-and-drop in appicon/miniwindows
The ability to make use of mouse actions inside appicon/miniwindows

I think that to do the job properly (ie keep the gains, but not the losses) we 
to modify Window Maker.

At the moment, we have to hand over control of the appicon/miniwindows to 
WindowMaker -
which is why we can't do anything with them (other than draw into them).

What we actually need is a mechanism whereby we can treat the 
appicon/miniwindows as
normal, but Window maker will keep track of their position and use that 
information to
prevent other icons overlapping ours, and to permit dropping on to the dock.

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