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Re: XDPS compile problem

From: dejaeger
Subject: Re: XDPS compile problem
Date: 27 Feb 2001 02:46:32 +0100
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>>>>> "JC" == Juliusz Chroboczek <address@hidden> writes:

    >> undefined reference to `DPScurrentgcdrawable'
    JC> I don't have a copy of the sources handy, so I may be speaking
    JC> nonsense.  There is a stub in the dps client libraries called
    JC> `DPScurrentXgcdrawable' (note the ``X'').  So I suspect there
    JC> may be a typo somewhere in the xdps backend.

    JC> I guess someone needs to spend an afternoon with the xdps
    JC> backend and bring it back up to date.  (Take this as an
    JC> observation, not a commitment.)

    JC>                                         Juliusz

    JC> _______________________________________________
    JC> Discuss-gnustep mailing list address@hidden
    JC> http://mail.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss-gnustep

There is a problem with the xdps backend. The name of some methods are
inconsistent. Here are the one I found:

- (void)DPScurrentXdrawingfunction: (int *)function 
- (void)DPScurrentXgcdrawable: (int *)gc : (int *)draw : (int *)x : (int *)y 
- (void)DPScurrentXgcdrawablecolor: (int *)gc : (int *)draw : (int *)x : (int 
                                      : (const int *)colorInfo
- (void)DPScurrentXoffset: (int *)x : (int *)y 
- (void)DPSsetXdrawingfunction: (int)function 
- (void)DPSsetXgcdrawable: (int)gc : (int)draw : (int)x : (int)y 
- (void)DPSsetXgcdrawablecolor: (int)gc : (int)draw : (int)x : (int)y 
                                  : (const int *)colorInfo
- (void)DPSsetXoffset: (short int)x : (short int)y 
- (void)DPSsetXrgbactual: (double)r : (double)g : (double)b : (int *)success 

but they are named differently in AppKit/GSMethodTable.h and in the
xgps backend (without the X). At this moment, the xdps backend is
broken because the file in x[gd]ps/Source/SharedX/XGBitmapImageRep.m
need to call DPScurrentgcdrawable which is not defined. 
I can correct those problems myself but I need to know what is the
correct Naming Scheme. I think the most consistent approach is to
modify all the following files :

and add an 'X' to conform to the dpsops.h header file.

the other way is to add a kludge like the following I found in

- (void)DPSsetgcdrawable: (void *)gc : (void *)draw : (int)x : (int)y 
- (void)DPSsetgcdrawablecolor: (void *)gc : (void *)draw : (int)x : (int)y 
                                  : (const int *)colorInfo

So I submit a little kludge. With it, everything compiles and runs. Of
course, if someone calls a method such as DPScurrentoffset the app
will crash with a subclassResponsibility Exception because this method
has not been kludged yet. 

By the way, it runs with the new DPS module for XFree 4.0 and it is
quite good.  

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Description: kludge to the xdps backend

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