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Re: XDPS compile problem

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: XDPS compile problem
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 08:34:31 -0700

Frederic De Jaeger wrote:
> When the xdps backend is compiling, it includes
> xdps/NSDPSContextWindow.h that does not define DPScurrentgcdrawable.
> On the contrary, xgps/XGContext.h  includes AppKit/AppKit.h that (I
> suppose) should include AppKit/DPSoperators.h that defines
> DPScurrentgcdrawable.
> I think xdps/NSDPSContextWindow.h should include AppKit/DPSoperators.h
> somewhere.
The problem there is that AppKit/DPSoperators.h defines a whole bunch of
operators that are already defined by DPS/dpsops.h. It's really a
delicate thing. You can't mix DPSOperators.h and dpsops.h because they
define the same functions (almost). DPSOperators should only be used in
the frontend (and xgps) and dpsops is only used in the xdps backend.

The way to get around that is used the method call rather than the
function call. I just fixed this in CVS.

It's a little stupid the way I did it, now that I think about it, but
there is still a small chance that someone would want to use these
functions from the frontend (while mixing, say OpenGL with GNUstep).

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