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Re: AppWrappers folders [was: Re: GNUstep directory layout]

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Re: AppWrappers folders [was: Re: GNUstep directory layout]
Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 11:14:15 +0200

Martin Brecher wrote:

> Hi all, -
> >> The split between App and Tool is not a clear one but gives the user an 
> >> idea
> >> what he might expect and probably what is expected from him/her. For Tools 
> >> he
> >> needs to get to the console, for Apps he can say in his save graphical
> >> interface. It's all about user perspective, not if it is technically or
> >> syntactically right.
> >
> >The problem with perspective is that everyone has one. :)  If we name or
> >organise things by perspective, no one will agree, I'm sure. :)
> >
> >To throw an OS X wrench into the works, there's also "utilities".  This
> >is an organisational grouping under the Applications directory in OS X,
> >where things like Disk Copy, CPU Monitor, and Audio MIDI Setup reside
> >(can you tell I'm casting a glance at my Jaguar box? ;))
> >
> This brings me to another point I have been thinking about recently: 
> Application Wrapprs - and where to put them.
> Usually all GNUstep apps go to <Domain>/Applications; with GWorkspace Enrico 
> introduced wrapper scripts to be able to a) launch
> x11 programs from GNUstep and b) associate file types with X11 programs. 
> Currently, the recommended or usual way is to put these
> wrappers into the Application folders.
> But I think that will - sooner or later - lead to problems. Imagine having an 
> application server on a heterogenous network. By concept
> GNUstep is targeted at running several operating systems; thus, the GNUstep 
> application bundles can contain binaries for several
> architectures and library combos. But the X11 wrapper scripts will only work 
> for unix/x11 systems; win32 users will possibly be
> confused why they can't open Netscape.app... Also you don't want to have a 
> MSWord.app wrapper on your unix box, do you? :)
> Thus, I propose having special defined subfolders within the Application 
> directories: e.g. X11Applications, Win32Applications etc
> containing the wrappers for the native programs of different systems.

Shouldn't that be the same as with the library-combo's? Say you have

or something like that...
Just a thought...

Dennis Leeuw

> Greetings,
> Martin
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