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new to gnustep/obj-c

From: Cameron Matheson
Subject: new to gnustep/obj-c
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 21:08:09 -0600
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I've known about the GNUStep project for a few years, but wasn't ever very interested in it (sorry, it was because it was in obj-c). I read an article on linuxjournal.com (it was /.ed) that changed my perspective of obj-c and now i'm vey interested in it. I want to help out w/ the GNUSTep project, so I've started learning more about obj-c (coming from a c++ background) by reading that apple objc-c devel book you link to on the GNUStep Resources page. Anway, I've decided that to learn GNUStep programming i'm going to write a program that rips cd's and encodes them as oggs/mp3s (and then hopefully i will know enough to do real work w/ GNUStep). Anyway, i do have a few questions about where the GNUStep project is going:

1. I was kind of hoping their would be an aqua-like interface to gnustep , i searched google and saw a old message to this list that said themes were being discussed... is that still going on? I think that more people would flock to GNUStep if it was a little bit sexier (no offense to all you NEXTStep lovers, i use windowmaker and enjoy it, but the default NEXT colors are pretty bland, and some aqua-ish looking stuff would be beautiful).

2. in the FAQ it says that apple has submitted patches to make gnu obj-c work w/ ojb-c++. What's the status of those patches right now? are they still in limbo, or have they been accepted/denied?

3. what about font-aa? Has this been considered/discussed? It's not really that important to me, but it is nice to have IMHO.

I think that's about it, thanks!
Cameron Matheson

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