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Re: The Path of GNUstep (Was: Re: Gnustep + mac + windows? Possible?)

From: Jason Clouse
Subject: Re: The Path of GNUstep (Was: Re: Gnustep + mac + windows? Possible?)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 03:04:05 -0400

<<I somewhat disagree. Apps that do not "fit in" with a GNUstep system
don't help as much as one might think.

The availability of random apps isn't as important as quality apps.>>

Ah, but the availablity of programmers is very significant.  The reason
Apache, Linux, and Gnome are such successful projects is because they
have a lot of enthusiastic developers building a *lot* of applications
and supporting the project.  The only way that GNUstep can get a large
number of people involved is through the publicity that Mac OS X has
brought to the table because it's the only thriving Objective-C community
around today--everyone else thinks it's DOA.  It's the only thing that
will cause anyone to take a look.  And even in the Mac OS X community, it
doesn't seem like many people are aware of the project.  Perhaps more
evangelizing and publicity are needed.  But I think that cross-platform
portability would be a great draw.  Especially if deployment on other
Unices AND Windows were solid AND easy.

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