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Re: the art backend and font

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: the art backend and font
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 23:05:56 +0100

Derek Zhou wrote:
> My beef about gnustep was the way it handle fonts and text. The xlib backend
> cannot use all the fonts that I have, and try to use some fonts that I
> actually don't have, and no AA. etc. Now we have this promising art backend,
> but then I am required to hack up an nfont package for each of my fonts, and
> put them under the GNUstep directory? Why can't we just behave like everybody
> else (KDE2, GNOME2), and use whatever provided by X?

Because X doesn't provide enough.

> Being 100% OPENSTEP compatible is pointless,

Compatibility with OPENSTEP fonts isn't the main goal; having a good
font system that can handle everything NSFont/NSFontManager/NSFontPanel
should handle is. Being able to use old .font-packages is just a nice

> I'd rather have something usable sooner.

back-art's font system is usable.

Font availability is a slight problem.
http://wiki.gnustep.org/index.php/nfont%20packages has some resources
(including mknfonts, which can generate .nfont packages for you). There
are also some useful .nfont packages here:
http://www.gnustep.de/Fonts/index.en.php3 . Free{Sans,Serif,Mono} have
many non-latin1 characters.

> Sorry for flaming.
> Derek

- Alexander Malmberg

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