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Re: open letter about development proposals

From: stefan
Subject: Re: open letter about development proposals
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 09:10:46 +0200 (CEST)
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> No, no C++ flaming this time ... ;-)
i will try :-)

>> I think Camino ( http://www.mozilla.org/projects/camino/ ) can play
>> this role. Camino is a Cocoa wrapper for the Gecko layout Engine
>> written in Objective-C/Objective-C++.
>> Once those objc improvements for gcc (
>> http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2003-07/msg02334.html ) are through
>> gcc should support objC++ and porting Camino to GNUstep shouldn't be a
>> big issue then

i looked at the camino/gecko sources a couple of days ago. since camino
depends on gecko you will first have to port the gecko engine to
GNUstep.Gecko itself seems to use Carbon for the Mac-implementation.
Camino itself uses Objective-C++. Btw: does "Apple's extensive ObjC
changes being merged back" include objc++? However, i think porting gecko
can be very hard especially if you take a look at the sources (no, i do
not flame c++ but this stuff is really ugly from my point of view).

> Many consider KHTML/bindings (as used by Apple's Safari, and recently by
> Omni) the better implementation. If/when ObjC++ is available via gcc,
> porting KHTML to GNUstep would probably be even easier.

Thats what i think too. I already made some (rundimentary) investigations
about porting the KWQ-Layer to GNUstep without using objc++ (don't know
when this becomes available). I think it's not too difficult to rewrite
this layer using pure C to communicate with GNUstep. Is anyone interestet
in participating? I think it's too much for one person (or it will take a
long time).

> Using WebCore (and JavaCore) a browser _completely_ based on GNUstep
> could be written within a very short time...
and it will probaply give us a nice browser with a complete GNUstep
interface. No more need for gtk :-)


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