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Re: GNUstep roadmap (was Re: [Suggestion] GNUstep-test for quality contr

From: Björn Giesler
Subject: Re: GNUstep roadmap (was Re: [Suggestion] GNUstep-test for quality control)
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 13:09:02 +0100

On 2003-11-01 11:03:33 +0100 Jason Clouse <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 2003-10-26 10:38:40 +0100 Philip Mötteli <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Rendezvous?
>> If there's demand for it, I think, we soon gonna see a version for Linux.
> There's demand for it.  [snip]
>> Wasn't that open-source?
> Not the Obj-C framework, I don't think.

Anyone working on a source-code compatible implementation of that? I'll need it 
(or something similar) for Addresses sometime. It'd be great if somebody was 
working on it; if not, I'll tackle it in a while.

(who thinks that Rendezvous is easily the best thing apple has ever done.)

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