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Re: GNUstep GUI Backends: DirectFB, Win32, & Cairo

From: Rogelio M . Serrano Jr .
Subject: Re: GNUstep GUI Backends: DirectFB, Win32, & Cairo
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 10:15:08 +0800

Hi All,

SGStep is a great peice of work!

I was trying to looking for an opengl backend and i cant find any.
The fbdev/dri branch of the mesa project seems very interesting.
I wonder if somebody have some opengl backend code to
start off from?

On 2003-11-15 09:32:20 +0800 Chad Hardin <address@hidden> wrote:

On Nov 14, 2003, at 10:54 AM, Alex Perez wrote:


I'm just wondering if anyone was working on either of these backends
currently. I know someone came in here a while back saying that they had a commercial need to have the win32 backend working, and I'm hoping that that person would de-lurk and just give me (or us, publically) a status
update if they've successfully done any work, or even just done an
analysis of what needs to be done.

On the subject of the DirectFB backend, I think Chad Hardin had been
working on this, and I'm just wondering if there is any foreward movement
there. Last I remember, Chad had found something out about DirectFB's
design that he didn't like, and I haven't heard anything more about the
project since then, so I can only assume that he stopped work at that
point. Unfortunate, but his choice.

Chad: Are you still working on the DirectFB backend? If not, why not? Do
you have plans to write a backend for the Linux Framebuffer directly?

No, I stopped the DirectFB backend because I didn't like the cooperative resource locking scheme it used for supporting multiple applications. One app can lock everything, if I'm understanding the source correctly.

I still like the idea of getting rid of X. But on the other hand some really great things are being worked on for X right now, which makes it not so bad anymore.

I would like to still work on alternatives to X but the problem is the same as it always is: time. Right now I'm working full time, my wife and I go to school full time, and we got two little tykes (ages 3 & 5) running around like crazy!

Anyhow, I've had to shift priorities, and the X replacement is at the bottom :-(

Here's what I'm working on:

The SGSTEP Debian repository.
An installer App for SGSTEP
Shoving these two things together into a install disc
my newest passion:  simplygnustep.com/net/org and sgstep.com/net/org:

simplygnustep.com will be the regular web site


sgstep.com will be something very similar to .Mac!

I already have the domains and the static IPs, I'm jsut waiting on the hardware and a lot of tinkering to get it to work.

Back to X. I think the best route to take may be to keep on using X11. With an alternative project of using DRI for something similar to an Apple Quartz extreme windowserver some time in the future. That's just me though, I don't think the gnustep project itself should shift from X11. Resources are already tight as it is without venturing off into new projects.

That's serious work though, plus the linux video stuff is going through some hefty change/fixes, making it a bit of a moving target.

I know someone had done some preliminary work on a CairoGraphics backend
as well. How has this progressed, if at all?

This would be very nice!

Alex Perez

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