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Re: GNUstep GUI Backends: DirectFB, Win32, & Cairo

From: Jason Clouse
Subject: Re: GNUstep GUI Backends: DirectFB, Win32, & Cairo
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:32:28 -0500

On 2003-11-22 01:07:17 +0700 Banlu Kemiyatorn <address@hidden> wrote:
But the real problem is I don't think it will even work with current Cairo CVS without touching anything. I use the CVS as base when I was working on it.
May be tomorrow I can take a glance.

OK, I've downloaded your code and tried to build it. There was only one major problem with the current Cairo CVS! '*dest cairo_copy(*src)' has changed to 'cairo_copy(*dest, *src)'. This affects CairoDevice.m, line 82 and CairoGState.m, line 144.

After fixing that, it built with some warnings. But when I try to run Terminal, I get this:

2003-11-21 16:26:08.202 Terminal[24551] :::FIXME::: <CairoContext: 81553e0> initWithContextInfo: 1079232780 2003-11-21 16:26:08.205 Terminal[24551] :::FIXME::: <CairoGState: 817c808> initWithDrawContext: 0 2003-11-21 16:26:08.205 Terminal[24551] :::FIXME::: <CairoGState: 817c808> DPSinitgraphics 0 2003-11-21 16:26:08.356 Terminal[24551] :::FIXME::: <CairoFontEnumerator: 81b6518> enumerateFontsAndFamilies
Segmentation fault

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