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Re: RFC: Deprecation of .gmodel format (NOT .gorm)

From: Dr. Nikolaus Schaller
Subject: Re: RFC: Deprecation of .gmodel format (NOT .gorm)
Date: 5 Jan 2004 02:46:05 -0800

Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden> wrote in message 
> * .gmodel is the format created by nib2gmodel, not Gorm, for translating 
> .nibs.
> * .gorm is the format created by Gorm.app.  Gorm.app can import .gmodels so
> that they can be converted to .gorm files.
> 1) .gmodel files do not provide an exact translation, since there is
> information in the .nib files which isn't accessible to us using just the
> AppKit classes (there are some private NeXT/Apple objects/data-structures 
> which
> are encoded in .nibs which nib2gmodel doesn't know about).

The Sharp Zaurus port of GNUstep/mGStep (called mySTEP
http://www.dsitri.de/php/projects/project.php?project=mySTEP to triple
the confusion...) relies on the automatic translation of .nib files to
.gmodel (.mib) files which only nib2gmodel can do.

The idea behind is to cross-compile existing Cocoa applications and
stuff the compiled code as well as the translated model into the .app
bundle. This can be easily copied to the Zaurus.

The results of the translation are very good so that I can't confirm
the statement 1) completely. It is in my experience only a matter of
extending nib2gmodel (or am I wrong?).

Therefore, we can not use Gorm or its formats unless it can write
.gmodel or .nib files and/or this can be automated somehow.

Many thanks,

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