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Re: Re[4]: GNUstep.org

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: Re[4]: GNUstep.org
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 15:49:26 +0100

On 08.01.2004, at 16:34, Adam Fedor wrote:
Would we lose nearly all our mirrors? We have the gnustep.org ones and the gnu.org ones. That's why I'm jumping through hoops to retemplate it and part of why it takes a while.

IMO, the problem is that we need more help. A glossy CMS with insufficient help will still be bad, just as the current web site with insufficient help has been bad.
I agree completely. There are many sites that gnustep is mirrored on and many of them don't even have PHP, much less anything more useful.

Also, while MJ and Scott and others have done a great job with the site design, there are huge portions of the content that haven't been updated in years and no one has even suggested updating them, much less done any work to do it.

Notably OGo also contains a small website publishing system (called OGo Publisher) which is used to generate the OGo website. You can either use it in combination with OGo itself (which gives you a web interface for editing and testing stuff), but also with a filesystem storage. Eg for OGo we store all the OGo webpages in CVS:
The .xtmpl files are the templates.

Drawback is, that the generation of a complete website is relatively slow (eg the OGo website takes about 10-15 minutes for 2500 pages).

Maybe this is also worth a consideration given that it is Objective-C based (maybe soon gstep-base based? ;-) and produces static sites suitable for mirroring.

I'm describing in a paragraph what took 14 hours to figure out. You may want to sniff glue for a while, then reread this when you get out of rehab. [aLa]

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