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Re: app wrappers and gworkspace

From: Sascha Erni, .rb
Subject: Re: app wrappers and gworkspace
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 00:10:21 +0200

Hi Christopher,

On 2004-08-05 23:46:42 +0200 Christopher Culver <address@hidden> wrote:
That's not the way to do it. GNUstep should not have to act
differently than other desktop environments in this respect. We
should use the files in /usr/share/applications, using on the
FreeDesktop specifications, to get information. Why should we have to
almost reinstall all the apps we want to use just to get them from

The tool is supposed to be sort of a workaround until a better solution comes up (say, according to the freedesktop specs). i.e. as long as GWorkspace can't do it automatically, I'm quite glad to have a handy app that lets me wrap and register my binaries easily rather than having to create them from scratch.

I think everybody here will agree that, ultimately, there must be an easier / "automagical" way for the GNUstep workspace to access installed applications and their associated filetypes and actions. One of the things that really annoyes me about the app-wrapper idea is the filetype icons that need to be stored within every single application. I want to tell my workspace once what a xhtml file is supposed to look like, not multiple times just because I have more than one program installed that can / should deal with such files.

This is purely from an end-user's perspective, mind--I'm not a coder nor OPENSTEP advocate, hence I probably just said something that runs completely counter to the basic "philosophy". ;)


Sascha Erni, .rb
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