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ANN: GNUstepWrapper 0.1.0

From: Richard Stonehouse
Subject: ANN: GNUstepWrapper 0.1.0
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 23:34:39 +0100


Great program and much needed.

Just a couple of observations:

1. Changes to the "Actions" sections do not always seem to "take". If I
make a change to the command, click away, then click back, I sometimes
(not always) find the original contents have been restored - and the
original contents, not my changes, appear in the Info-gnustep.plist file
in the App Wrapper when it is saved.

2. Dragging and dropping icons to the Wrapper Factory window does not
seem to work for me, even if I turn on the GWorkspace desktop:

  (a) Only TIFFs appear to work at all. But even for TIFFs,
      although drag and drop appears to have worked - the
      icon shows in the Wrapper Factory window - the icon
      file is not included in the App Wrapper that is saved.
      However, if I copy the TIFF to the App Wrapper by
      hand, and edit its name into the Info-gnustep.plist,
      GWorkspace doesn't display it.

  (b) GWorkspace doesn't seem to display a PNG or XPM
      even if it is copied manually into the App Wrapper,
      and I think paragraph USAGE/Create a Wrapper/4
      of your README may need revising in this respect.
      Dragging an XPM to the Wrapper Factory window
      appeared to have no effect (and actually did have
      no effect), and dragging a PNG produced a blank
      square in the top LH corner of the window where
      the icon should have been.

Using Wrapper Factory 0.1.0 and GWorkspace 0.6.5.


    Richard Stonehouse

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