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Re: Objective-C standard

From: Philippe C.D. Robert
Subject: Re: Objective-C standard
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 18:42:00 +0200

On 02.06.2006, at 16:50, Adrian Robert wrote:
I know Apple hosts an "ObjC language" list that might be more appropriate for (part of) this topic, but I'd be more curious to hear the perspective of (assumedly less Apple-orbiting) GNUsteppers. And I guess I'm wondering whether there's anything the open source community can do about these issues, since Apple seems not to be motivated, and Sun, who helped bring OpenStep about in the first place and aren't always as dumb as they look ;), seems to be caffeinated, dripped, and filtered out of the picture. Though I guess an updated OpenStep standard without Apple following it would be useless.. ;(

Well, as you say, the objc mailinglist would be the place to discuss this kind of questions. I believe most people interested in this language are subscribed to this list anyway.

Having a real ObjC language and runtime standard would IMO be a Really Good Thing, but this should not be tied to OpenStep or any other highlevel API. Without such a standard we won't ever see other ObjC compilers than gcc, I am afraid.

My $0.02...

Philippe C.D. Robert

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