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Re: Objective-C standard

From: Christopher Armstrong
Subject: Re: Objective-C standard
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 09:25:22 +1000
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Hi all,

I've been reading the discussion about Objective-C not being a standard, and couldn't help thinking that perhaps there's another way of looking at this. The advantages of not having a standard in this regard is that we can "innovate" with regards to the language i.e. we are not bound by standards bodies to ensure that our compiler complies. Considering that gcc is the de-facto standard, I would have thought that the GNU project would only be limited to the potential of it's developers in adding new features, modifying the runtime (and it's design), etc. Not unlike GNUstep already adds useful features to gnustep-base and gnustep-gui, where they may not be found elsewhere. Although this sounds a bit much, I don't think we should shy away from extending and modifying the language where the community reaches a consensus that such changes are useful.

Only my 2¢.

Christopher Armstrong

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