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Re: Changes I've been thinking of...

From: Pablo Giménez
Subject: Re: Changes I've been thinking of...
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 18:22:56 +0100

Well as I really new GNUstep user, at least for the last week :)
I will try to put my two cents here:
As a new user I ahve to say I have been trying to use GNUstep for a while but two weeks ago I found the time to compile and install everything.
So for a new user is not easy to get GNUstep, there are tw problems:
- Distributions don't have a good support, I am usign fedora and I have to built everything from scratch no packages at all.
- The webstie is old, it doesn't give you the information to get the proper packages and give you a clear idea of waht is the best process and understand how GNUstep works and should be installed, I found this document, is a bit old but more useful than the docs in the web:

About what gnustep need, I a magree with the people that thinks it really need applications.
Themes are good, but apps are more important, first a good development environment needs good apps so people thinks this is a good one.
So I think affort should be directed to get a good set of tools to have a good working environment.
Why Etoile and gnustep? I think that know etoile and gnustep should be working together in the same project, so you guys can provide a global computing environment, like Mac basically.
This is the development environment.
This is the working environment.
And finally here are some core applications.
That the things people needs.
The development environmetn seems to be there (I haven't develop nothing using gnustep), the working environment is pretty just some polish and some updates, like haveing the owrkspace in a menubar (at least as an option) like in the mac, the current toolchest model is a little bit old I think, things like that.
But the area that needs more work is some core apps, really good core apps. Is the formula used by Ubuntu, they give you some apps, not too much as many other distros used to do, only some the most useful but really good. What can be put as core apps is probably another discussion.
Onece gnustep has some core apps I think the next  step is the theming thing to make the whole environment more good looking and modern (althogh I still prefer the old NExT look), and the intalling and packaging.
An install process for every platform, somebody probably remember the gnome version launched by Ximian some time ago. You can go to the Ximian'swebsite and download an install script with gui that automates the whole process of installing gnome from the sources. And in the other hand ease the packaging process for distros.
Finally is the marketing thing.
I think there is no point toi spend time in marketing and good looking website whereas there aren't good apps, people probably is going to try gnustep but withouta good and complete working environment peoplr will give up, but in the time there is a good working environment istime to show and maket it like crazy.;

My two cents.

PD: I am still trying to get a complete gnustep working desktop, I haven't gave up yet :)

2009/10/7 Gregory Casamento <address@hidden>

There are a number of things which need to change on the project:

We need to:
1) improve our website.  It's been the same for years and doesn't
reflect our progress.
2) improve GNUstep's default theme as well as theming in general.
While I know some people will respond negatively to changing the
default theme from a NeXT-like look to something more modern, I
believe it's one way for us to spark interest in the project is to
update it's look.   The current look should always be available, but
not necessarily the default.
3) Improve our ability to market ourselves in general.

One thing that GNUstep has been lacking in is marketing.   I've been
trying to improve things on that front, but I'm not the best marketer
to say the very least.

Does anyone have any questions or comments regarding this?  I would
like to hear any and all input people have.

Later, GC
Gregory Casamento
Open Logic Corporation, Principal Consultant
yahoo/skype: greg_casamento, aol: gjcasa
(240)274-9630 (Cell)

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Best Regards
Pablo Giménez

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