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From: Abhi Beckert
Subject: LSUIElement
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 17:40:47 +1000

I'm porting a simple mac app to GNUstep and am unsure how to imitate the OS X Launch Services "LSUIElement" info.plist key.

When set to true on an OS X app, launch services will not create a dock icon, and will not show the menu bar (although the menus still exist, you just can't see it. It is in the NSResponder chain).

I'm not fussed about the menus but do want to remove the application icon for my app, since it's intended to be launched at login and left running until you log out. None of the windows are interactive, they just sit on the desktop looking pretty.

How can I remove the GNUstep application icon window for my app? Also, how can I remove a specific window from the window manager's task bar and alt-tab? (I'm using MATE on Linux Mint).

My simple app is here if anyone is interested: https://github.com/abhibeckert/binary-clock/tree/gnustep (be sure to switch to the gnustep branch, the master branch is for OS X and iOS).

- Abhi

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