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Strange behaviour regarding miniaturization and menus

From: Andreas Schik
Subject: Strange behaviour regarding miniaturization and menus
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2013 10:25:20 +0100
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Hi all,
I am on Ubuntu 12.04 and XFCE and am using gsim to handle app icons and
mini windows. This setup works really fine so far. Since a
couple of days, however, I am experiencing strange problems.
I used to take GNustep from SVN, but to simplify life (?) I am now
using the GNUstep libraries from Philippe Roussel's repositories,
installed about 3 weeks ago.
If I minimize a GNUstep app which does _not_ have the input focus
trouble begins. The main window minimizes and the menu disappears.
However, the area where the menu has been is kind of blocked, i.e. no
mouse input is possible. This happens either with NextStep style menus
as with Macintosh style menus. The problem is that usually something
(desktop icons, title bars etc.) is below the area occupied by the
invisible window and connot be reached anymore. Moreover, when restoring
the app the menu does not appear. This behaviour can be observed for
_all_ GNUstep apps running at the time I minimized the first app. Newly
started apps will behave OK in this regard.
Another symptom is that panels which are supposed to hide when the main
window looses focus (e.g. CDPlayer's play list) stop working. They do
not update correctly and don't react on input.
If I set input focus on teh app before minimizing, everything is fine.
So far, I could not trace it down to a particular component (Ubuntu,
XFCE, GNUstep, gsim etc.).



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